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This collection of works sparked the beginning of Starewell Productions, from film production freelancing to an online gallery of landscape, architecture, nature, and abstract photography. This is where it all began. Browse the albums below or navigate the side menu to learn more about my artistic background.

When setting up a shot, I like to experiment with composition, perspective, and light. These three aspects open further exploration into depth, color, and contrast. With everything mixed together, I end up taking many photographs of the same subject and then experiment even more with these settings in image processing.

A story can be told without a single line of dialogue and a stream of clips can evoke a powerful sense of feeling. I enjoy creating montages of beautiful scenery and profiles that capture a meaningful experience. Ultimately, it is in narrative storytelling that my passions thrive.

Band Session, A Moment in Time
C$TR8 (cee-money-straight), Life Is Good
Marshmallow Land, From Dullness to Spectacular

These are the independent film projects and television programs that I worked on as a Film Production Freelancer and production staff elsewhere. Each experience strongly contributed to my knowledge about industry workflows in pre-production and post, the planning and collaboration that sets the stage, and the meticulous applications that perfect the final delivery.

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